bleeeat! Why Big Llama Productions?

When I first started with my farm animals, we had a terrible problem with coyotes.  The once rural farm lands were being turned into housing developments.  All the wild critters that lived in the area were finding their homes growing smaller and smaller.  Our pastures started to look like a good place to be.

Coyotes like goats.  Coyotes don't like llamas.   As another herd animal, llamas get along well with the goats, and treat them like wards of their own.  The llamas are much larger than any of the local preditors of goats, are alert, and protective.

Your computer technical needs are like that first herd of goats I had.  It might once have gotten the job done, but with the change in the lay of the land we call the internet, it needs a big llama to help it along.  Whether its protection from the coyotes and wolves out there, or being alert to what's new on the horizon, Big Llama Productions has the technology, knowledge and expertise to serve your needs. 

Don't let them get your goat....