1990 Mazda Miata
Current Modifications

At a recent dyno session (5/16/99), these are the numbers that turned up:

206 hp at crank @ 7700 rpm
177 ft/lb torque @ 6150 rpm

I am still searching for that last bit of HP, my future plans are to go with a set of throttle bodies sometime before the end of the year.  Current candidates are either TopEnd Performance's TWM kit or the kit Dealer Alternative has or might one day have: With a bit of further tuning I think that 200 hp at the rear wheels is possible.

Jackson stainless steel exhaust

Freeflowing catalytic converter for large v8 applications

Jackson ceramic coated headers

Funnel-ram intake with K&N cone filter on short silicone tube to intake

Cowl induction (through the firewall area)

Extrude port intake plenum - bored to 57 mm

Larger MAF sensor --removed completely, now have Link ECU

Link Programmable ECU (has custom timing curve rev limiter moved to 8700)

Port matched, flow benched, cc'd heads with valves from 1.8l (cheating?),

Head shaved 0.018"

Exhaust Cam from 1.8l, reground for longer duration lift

Millen adjustable Cam gears

1702cc flat topped pistons (80.5mm bore standard stroke) (11.2:1 compression)

Block decked 0.065"

Rotating masses (including clutch, flywheel, & pressure plate) spun balanced to 11,000 rpm

Blue printed, and balanced entire engine

Dual baffled oil pan

Racing aluminum radiator from Dealer Alternative

Centerforce dual friction clutch

1994 torsen lsd, half shafts
1994 rotors and calipers

Racing Beat Front and Rear adjustable Anti-sway bars

Delrin bushings for sway bars (made them all by myself too)

Front shock tower brace (a modified Grex brace)

Racing Beat front lower control arm brace

Skip Cannon rear brace

Tokiko Illumina shocks with Ground Control coil over springs 550#/375# combo

Toyo Proxes TS1's 205/50/15 on SSR type M 15x6.5 rims (weigh only 11 lbs)

Front end shot is a bit dark (rain you know) but it does show the lines of the stripes well


As well in the pseudo performance area:

PIAA 959 Purple Ion driving Lights
NACA duct on drivers headlamp
Brainstorm's low profile headlights
Robbin's top with glass rear window
Mud flaps front and rear
door sill plates
trunk gass filler protector
Short shift kit w/ Titanium Voodoo knob
Alpine CD-changer control head unit
Boston Acoustic RX67 door speakers
Boston Acoustic CX3 headrest speakers
Alpine V12 130w amp
Snugtop hardtop with rear defogger
Red leather shift boot, brake boot, & arm rest pad
Classic Red front bumper cover (nose)
Classis Red racing stripes

Here's a shot of my custom no neck voodoo knob, and the red leather accessories